Jobs & Growth

Future world economies will be determined by the success of its emerging new businesses developing from the nursery through to fully-fledged businesses. SME’s are an essential part of the new economy. Governments are realizing that SME’s are where the innovation, growth and job creation will come from. A ‘powered by ASSOB’ platform provides a politically attractive way of stimulating regional development, economic growth and job creation without straining the public (taxpayers) purse.

ASSOB Provides

A solid, proven and effective platform that handles the equity investment process; An access point for investors who wish to invest into local businesses that do not have access to a fully-fledged stock exchange; Tools, processes and practices that assist with optimising fund raising strategies; A platform that takes care of shareholder transactions; Ongoing enhancements of the Platform through the ASSOB Knowledge Hub derived from the learnings from its international portfolio of licensees and an admission and verification process.

ASSOB Delivers

A turn-key platform licensed to knowledgeable and qualifying entities who have the capacity to implement the proven ASSOB model that is easily adaptable to local regulation;

A set of rules for admission to and operating on the platform;

Ability to raise fees & commissions from operating the platform;

A knowledge hub that provides ongoing improvement and enhancements.