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Your Investor Aggregation System comes complete with full documentation, templates, full training and onboarding modules, plus an international investor data base.

  • Investor Aggregation Systems

    Designed for Startups, SMEs and Growth Companies, etc.
  • Capturing Clients

    A scalable front end client acquisition and investor ready process.
  • Aggregating Investors

    An Investor Aggregation platform minus the pain of trial and error.
  • Governance and Compliance

    So you stay on the right side of your regulator.

The Banks are no longer a viable source of funding for SMEs

Whether you are raising equity, a hybrid of debt and equity or just a pure Bond play, we have the tools to make the job a lot easier and more effective for you.

Investor Aggregation Network Systems

Designed for Startup’s, SME’s, Growth Companies, Privatisation of State Owned Enterprises, Fund Managers, Private Equity and Non-Profits.

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